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Get Free Land in Party Destination Grid


Party Destionation Grid is first grid wich offer whole region for free. Yes, you read right full region for free for lifetime.

We will gave out 100 regions for free. But here is few restrictions wich region owners must know:

1. Region is only for content creators.

2. Region is 65536 sqm big, 15k primitives and max. 40 avatars hold.

3.Region must be build finished in max two month.

4.Never pay tier or any other payments.

To get free region just search Party Destination Grid Elite Team members inworld and contact them or my mail.


However, if one full region is too much for you then we offer (free) plots of 7400sqm big or just take a store where

all your creations will find everyone inworld.


Updated 3 november 2018


Now we still have 30 regions available, so contact our Elite Team members inword and get you region you can start your own business.


Updated 10 october 2018


We are happy to anounced that more 50 free regions we will add for creators or club owners.


Updated 15 january 2018


Hurry up only 1 region left and are waiting for you to get it.


Updated 15 september 2017


Hurry up only 9 region left and are waiting for you to get it.


Updated 3 march 2017


Hurry up only 50 region left and are waiting for you to get it.


Party Destination Grid News

Important message for region owners !

Published: 2 February 2020 Important notice The following notice is for the region owners. For the time being any and all unused regions not meeting...


System Maintenance - July and August 2019

Published: 4 July 2019 Important notice Till end of July all active members of the party destination grid must report to the mail info@partydestinati...



Published: 18 Junij 2019 On Junij 18 2019 our technical staff was updating whole grid to new private version on servers. Results show that this is fa...


System Maintenance - 10 February 2019 FINISH

Published: 12 February 2019 On February 12 2019, was updating whole grid to new opensim version. This version is programing by our special members. F...


System Maintenance - 5 November 2018 FINISH

Published: 12 November 2018 On November 5, 2018, we had an urgent repair of the main server. We have hardware failure on the main server. That's why...


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We are Tillia company which is engaged in the 3D virtual world. Headquartered is in Slovenia, as well as all of our servers. We offer a wide range of services from virtual worlds with excellent quality.
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